Best Divorce Lawyers Protecting Your Interests

“The best divorce lawyers in Fairfax county are those who stay on their feet,” said Richard R. Ballantyne, a Fairfax County Register of Deeds. “The award winning family law lawyers at Livesay & Myers, P.C., represent many clients throughout Northern Virginia. These lawyers have a proven track record and courtroom experience that is second to none.” Mr. Ballantyne is a former Fairfax County Court Clerk. He is now a solo practitioner.

“In the area of family law, you want to work with the right people in the right place,” he added. “You will be working closely with your spouse’s lawyer so there will be some communication issues.” In a situation where there are children involved, the goal is to get things settled as quickly as possible so both parties can move on with their lives. The best divorce lawyers in Fairfax County understand this and make every effort to ensure a good result for their clients.

“Spouses who are experiencing financial difficulties may not be able to meet the expense of attorney fees alone, especially if they have children that need to be cared for,” said Robert J. Wise, a family law attorney in Fairfax. “But sometimes there is no other choice, and an attorney has the experience and knowledge necessary to seek the appropriate amount of child support.” In a child support case, the court requires that the divorcing parents each pay a certain amount of child support. The amount depends on a number of factors, including income and expenses of each parent, the amount of alimony paid and the state’s requirements for contributing to the support.

It’s important for the best divorce lawyers in Fairfax County to maintain good relationships with the opposing parties’ attorneys. They should regularly communicate with their clients, and plan regular meeting for them to discuss any developments. If you feel that you are being mistreated by one of your spouse’s attorneys, you should mention that to your new divorce lawyer. The two of you can arrange for a meeting when you’re both free to discuss the situation.

“Even though you may feel badly that your divorce is happening now, you shouldn’t allow yourself to become emotionally involved with a particular divorce lawyer,” Wise said. “Most divorce lawyers will try to be as courteous and helpful as possible, but sometimes it can be hard to separate yourself from a client. But if you can separate yourself from the unpleasant experience, you’ll be better off for it.” Wise suggested finding a couple of different divorce lawyers and doing some research to see who he or she is best suited to represent you.

“It’s not uncommon for some clients to feel like they’ve been taken advantage of by their spouse’s attorney,” Wise said. “You may think that you’re getting the best divorce deal you can get, but there are times when the client may feel that they’ve gotten less than what they deserve.” For this reason, it’s important for you to find the best divorce lawyers possible. Wise and his colleagues recommend that you look at more than just a price tag.

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